Sorting Albums: Newest first. Not working correct

In settings I choose on all devices

  • Album dates for sorting: Original release date
  • Album dates for sorting: Newest first
  • Album added dates sort order: Newest first

Then I search or choose an artist.

  • In the “overview” the albums start with the oldest release date, not OK.
  • In the “discography” overview I see the latest release date first: OK

I see this phenomenon on the PC and on my wife’s iPad Air.
But now it gets even weirder.
On my iPad Pro 9.7 inches, I ALWAYS see the oldest first.

And yes, here too … after the last update.

What am I doing wrong or is this a bug?

Sort orders are “sticky” and per device - so you can have different sort orders set up across your devices.

Read the first 4 sentences …

And you do know that you can change the order from newest to oldest (or vice versa) by clicking on the Up or Down arrows by the sort type, right?

Yes, I know:

You’re looking in the wrong place…

Yes, I know this setting. But I want to see the newest album first.

Then click on that Up arrow to turn it into a Down arrow to give you the Newest album first…

Oldest first…

Newest first…

Geoff, you are the best. I clicked on date because the “button” is lighting with the arrow. I make websites. If I made such a button … that would be asking for problems with my customers. When everything lights up, it must also work across the board. Thank you!

Yes, they are both active buttons, but with nothing to separate them. I agree it’s confusing until you know about it.

Also, the settings on the General page no longer seem to set the defaults. I think that this is a bug, and I’ll report it.

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That does not work . When I click up or down the oldest album Stays first in artist discografie

Just click on the arrow not the text

Yes, its sloppy UI design. Many people have stumbled over that one before :upside_down_face:

I do. The arrow changes from up to down or vice versa. But the albums stay in the same order

OK, then I suggest you open a Support post for this issue. This is definitely not expected behaviour. Follow the instructions given here, and a couple of screenshots illustrating the issue would be very helpful.

I looked again. I did click on the text. Its a bit of pixel clicking. When you click exact on the arrow its ok. Strange thing is when you click the text de arrow changes position.
So problem solved.
Thanks for the quick response

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I wonder if some devices are more sensitive than others in this regard?

Neither my droid phone ,ipad mini4 or desktop win10 are particularly fussy about just where I hit the text/arrow tbh.
I get an instant order change on all of them.

My phones and tablets are definitely different in terms of sensitivity and the “hit box” for the button.