Sorting Artist Group Names

In Artists The Anat Cohen Tentet is sorted between Gene Ammons and Ray Anderson, that is among the As. However, Thelonious Monk Quartet is sorted after Thelonious Monk, that is among the Ms and not the Ts. I thought maybe the initial “The” was the problem, but then Matt Wilson Quartet (no The) is sorted in the Ms and not the Ws. I have looked at the edits of all these artists and can see no difference in how the data is entered. There are many more instances of both the Cohen pattern and the Monk pattern. So, why is there a difference? I would prefer the Monk pattern, but don’t know how to make that work.

This appears to be correct. The Anat Cohen Tentet and Matt Wilson Quartet are a group / band etc. whereas Thelonious Monk and Matt Wilson are individuals. The latter have a sort order of last name, first name, but bands do not.

However, a sane person may want to have the band leader and the band sorted next to each other, not the „The” band disappearing in The… :slight_smile:

For bands without “The” this is easy by providing sort order info, but for bands with “The” it needs a special trick:

Did you read the whole post? Thelonious Monk Quartet is sorted in the Ms not the Ts and it is a band. There are many others: Blue Mitchell Sextet (a band) is sorted in the Ms, not the Bs. David Murry Little Big Band (a band) sorted in the Ms not the Ds, while David Murray Octet, David Murray Big Band, David Murray Cuban Ensemble (all bands) are in the Ds. It’s all very inconsistent.

It is indeed inconsistent. However, I think this is mostly because some bands have a sort order specified in the metadata and some don’t.

If the user sorts artists by last names, then it makes sense to me that Thelonious Monk Quartet is next to Thelonious Monk under M because else one has to look in two places. And if the user sorts by first name, then of course all of it should be under T.

The other thing, as mentioned, is that some people want all “The” bands under T but others want The Beatles under B and The Who under W.

It should all be fixable by editing the sort order where needed, on the artist page > Edit. For the “The” issue it needs the trick as in the post linked above.

There was an issue half a year ago where the manually edited sort order for groups did work in the artist browser but didn’t work in the albums browser when sorted by artist, but this was fixed in B1246. (I reported this here and a longish discussion ensued with lots of screenshots and examples, so maybe it’s interesting to you anyway)

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