Sorting Audiobooks


I would like to sort my audiobooks. For example I got a series called “Point Whitmark” with 40 episodes. They should be sorted from episode 1 to 40. In the past I used the LMS (Logitech Media Server), some Clients (Raspberry Pis with picoreplayer) and iPeng on my iOS-Devices as the remote control.

In the ID-Tags of the files I have a field called “ALBUMSORT” where I write “Point Whitmark 001” for the first episode and so on. In iPeng in the Album-View the sorting will recognize the field “ALBUMSORT” and everything is perfectly sorted.

Is there a possibility do something similar in Roon? I know that I can set the Focus to the Genre “Audiobooks”, but I can only sort by Album-Title and that didn’t help…


I use dates to get order in Audiobooks