Sorting box sets

Hi all, Im new to Roon and actually fixing my music library. I noticed thats very complicated to sort music files if they are part of a box set. For instance I own the Harmonia Mundi 50: The Fiftieth Anniversary Boxed Set. When I try to identify one of the 29 albums, roon find the right collection but the problem is that roon shows every album at the top of the list. That means, I have to move every song separately (because I can’t select more then one) with the arrows down to the right position. Thats thousands of clicks and can’t be the right way. Maybe I have misunderstood something, please have an advice for me. Thank you. Greetings from Germany

That is exactly how it works currently, but it’s undergoing a redesign in the near future.

You’re much better off changing your file tags to get Roon to correctly identify your album(s) without moving tracks around on that pop-up.

(Grüße aus Stuttgart.)

Look for the disc number of the album, go to “fix track grouping”, put the correct disc number for the first song, then “fix disc number”, “create album” and roon should recognize it properly.

Thank you very much Adrien, your tipp works great for me!