Sorting classical albums different than non classical as feature request

Is there a way to do the following :

  • Sort all non classical albums on lastname of albumartist (done that, works fine)
  • And at the same time, "if album = classical then sort that album on lastname of composer. (And thus NOT on albumartist and/or conductor)

For example : I’ve like to sort all my non classical albums on the lastname of the albumartist and want my classical albums to be found by T from Tchaikovsky and not by B of Leonard Bernstein.

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As far as I know you get one size fits all, an album is an album

there is no way to differentiate genre as you want,

I would set up two bookmarks: one viewing non-classical and one viewing classical, with a different sort for each. Then just choose the bookmark you want with a couple of clicks.

Seems less confusing to me.


i’ve hacked together a solution using my own metadata format, tagging Album Title as follows:

-Beethoven: Symphony No. 9 - Tennstedt
-Beethoven: Symphony No. 9 - Karajan
-Verdi: Otello - Levine
-Verdi: Otello - Chung

so that when i sort by Album Title, i get a list albums by composer. unfortunately Roon does not remember sort order, and insists on defaulting to Artist sort each time i go back to Classical, which is needlessly tedious.

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It does for me (android)

does not. here’s a screen recording:

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OK, I can reproduce that.

Now, having gone away from that genres>albums>screen, to home, and then to the albums browser, I see the setting (including focus if set) that was used last time I went straight to the albums browser. It seems that the album view seen via genres is a temporary setup.

Which one of the possibly many composers? Should albums be listed for any composer (duplicate entries)?

I am pretty much doing it the same way.

Was my initial reaction, too. But what is the current rule for sorting by artist if there are multiple primary artists? Does it take the first match?

Dunno (only one Album with more than 1 Primary Artist) most are Various Artists. If I look at Compositions, where one can easily sort by Composer, I would say first listed is taken first and only. If it should work for albums it would also need a Various Composers for classical samplers (composers most-likely not credited on album level).

As far as I can tell, yes.

Yes, own tagging works always but the question was without extra tagging. I do the same with “various artists” when i want sorted the compilations by stereoplay and hifivisionen together. So albumartist is “various artists - stereoplay” and “various artists - hifivisionen” for example.

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You could sort on track level, for example i want to sort all Mozart tracks by M, regardless from which album or composer. On the other hand i want to sort my non classical tracks by albumartist. In case of a compilation that is V from Various artists.

yes you could, but then you would be looking at the Track browser, not the Album browser. On track level, sorting by composer is already possible. I thought you wanted to sort the albums in album view.