Sorting of albums under an artist

I have noticed that all the albums by an artist (if more than one) are not sorted by album title in the album browser. So if sorting by artist, could this then also sub-sort all the albums by the same artist by title please. Currently it seems to be random or based on some other unknown factor! This is particularly annoying for compilations, of which I have many.

Many thanks

I think it sorts by Release Date. Which is quite OK, from my PoV.

Not for me. Alphabetical is the obvious way to sort sub-levels. I don’t know or care when an album was released in relation to others in this instance.

Understand … maybe it could be an option under settings. Just wanted to point out what’s used for sorting; and that it works well if a collection tends more towards “Albums by Artists”. Compilations should be considered as well - but: I don’t want to loose the sorting like it is right now… :sunglasses:

I don’t see why the default (and only) option for sorting albums within an artist entry should be by release date. “Albums by Artist” - if the latter is sorted alphabetically, there is no logical reason for the former not to be so as well :wink: