Sorting order is not respected (1.8)

I have this setting:

But no matter what I select, I end up with this:

Hi @gmit2

If you click on By release date in the upper-right of the second screenshot, there should be an arrow on the left side that you use to change this.

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Tnx, that worked.

It’s not very intuitive as the arrow doesn’t look clickable and there is a setting option for order (which doesn’t work)…

I was having the same issue, it is pretty standard UX design that clicking the same items again will reverse the order.

That is true, but it doesn’t work like that. It reverses the order if you click on the arrow icon. If you click on the text, it won’t be reversed, but reset to ascending. That’s not standard behaviour…

(sorry, it’s difficult to tell if you were actually talking in favour of my complaint)

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sorry yeah i was agreeing haha

Roon 1.8 let’s you change the sort order of albums on the Artist view. It doesn’t let you do it on the Album view.

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