SOtM sMS-200 and Roon

This now deserves it’s own thread. The unit is shipping and working in Roon despite few limitations in DSD and it is not Roon certified to date.

$450.00 for a dedicated music server from a company maniacal enough in reducing power noise in all their products.

Product Link

Fire on.

Weight - 1.5 kg ?

Comes with a 9v switching power supply.

Be interesting to see a comparison of Pi, SOSE, SMS-200 and mR.

Weight is ~1.5 kg and it comes with a 9v, 1.5A switching power supply. Only thing is it came with a EU plug but they asked me if I will take it before shipping it out. I took it since I will be using an LPS anyway.

I don’t think they are ready for mass distribution to the US yet. They are still in process of negotiating with a local distributor. Purchasing one will have to be direct with the company in Korea for now. Cross fingers the unit will not develop any problem.

As a freelance journalist in audio I am testing the new SOtM sMS-200. All is working wel, although the starting time of DSD-files is rather slow. Last Spring I tested the Merging Technology NADAC and I didn’t encounter a starting time so fast, although at that time there was an issue with some plops. Anyway,is there a way to improve that starting time.
Configuration: Windows 8.1, RAM16GB, dedicated Asus audio laptop and network, QNAP 231 NAS

Shocked this thing hasn’t got more attention. Added one to my chain last night. Installation flawless. Sound quality blew me away even with just the included power supply. I had a Raspberry Pi 2 as roon end point previously with iFi iPower PS. Stunning difference. Tested with both roon and as an Apple AirPlay client via Shareport. Recognized my DAC immediately. Can’t wait until I get my new power supply to see what this thing can really do. I also tested up to 24/192 FLAC over wireless and everything played without hesitation. I have the sMS connected to an Airport Express set up as wireless bridge. I thought for sure I would have problems with hi res files, but seriously immediately started playing and no drops.

Ps. Had a little hick-up with software update. Sent email to SOtM team and immediately got a response. They tapped in via TeamViewer and solved the issue within few minutes. Great service IMO.


Apparently Roon on MacOS is not capable of outputting native DSD. I wonder though if the Mac is connected to a sms-200 (direct connection), would native DSD be possible?

It works with the Uptone LPS1 power supply and mine has no issue with fiber isolation either.

Can sms200 work as Roon core or endpoint only?

Thinking about buying …


Endpoint only.

I’m consider not to buy SOtM sMS-200 because it is just overpriced Roon endpoint with USB output. My choice for that price is QNAP HS-251+ because it work well as silent Roon core, media server for my library (7000 tracks) and much more. I have connected my USB DAC to QNAP and Roon immediatelly recognize it and working well. It have only 2Gb of RAM but on linux it work flawlessly. With good USB DAC there is no quality issues as Roon core use bitperfect playback.

Playing video via Plex and Roon audio same time:

Wondering why SOtM does not have a dedicated forum?