Sotm sms-200 cannot see roon


I thought I would try out a sotm sms200.
my system
qnap ts251 running roon core and where the library is, connected to gigbit switch
sms-200 connected to gigabit switch ““and to supernait via usb audio out into digital input of naim supernait””.

sky router providing wifi - connected to switch also.

iPhone 7 running roon app. cannot see the sotm in the roon app on the iPhone as an audio zone

I am waiting for the usb/coaxial adaptor to connect the sotm to the naim, does this have to be connected for roon to work, as I thought I would set it up first before its delivered?

Is the sMS-200 seeing your DAC? Go to the sMS-200’s web config page and in settings, can’t remember the exact page but at the bottom it should list your DAC if it knows how to talk to it.

It the sMS-200 doesn’t see or understand the attached DAC, it won’t appear in Roon.