SotM SMS 200 Discussion

Hi David,

I have the 851N and wondered if you used the SOTM sms200 connected to the 851N? So you had a dsd or gigh res output from Roon/Mac combo with the SOTM in between your Mac/core and the 851.

I too love Roon but frustrated with the lack of CA compatibility.

I have the CXN and I can feed via RPi and Riopeee

Works ok but limited to 24/96 at the moment

It’s not. Roon limitation it’s CA who aren’t interested as Roon is too small, their words not mine


I have my Sotm sms 200 into the USB and it works fine and just added a sonic Transporter Roon core and wow big big upgrade for $750 .
You run your ethernet cable from your router into the sms200 then out to your USB on your 851 and it recognises the sms 200 as a Roon end point and everything is fine you can then use a tablet to monitor everything or work from your core

Thanks David, with that set up does the CXN play DSD files?
Thanks Mike too