SOtM SMS-200 Ultra + MQA

I have a NUC with ROCK -> SOtM SMS-200 ultra -> Luxman DA-06 DAC which does not support MQA.

What should I set to “device” inside ROON to have the highest quality with MQA files from Tidal? Decoder; Render; Decoder + Render; No MQA support. I have tried with no MQA support, but I can see that files are downsampled. If I set DECODER + RENDER I get the maximum quality and the DAC shows that the streaming is at 192 khz or more depending on the file.


No MQA Support.

Post a screenshot of the signal path.

Ok I can trust! But someone explain to me why if I set decoder + render the DAC shows the frequency of the MQA file? For example if the song is a 192khz MQA the dac shows me 192khz. While if I set no support it makes me a downsapling if I remember correctly always at 96 khz. Post screenshots as soon as possible if necessary. Later I post some screenshots, now I’m not home.

Sorry, I hold the post open, but I will not be able to post screenshots for another 10 days.

Here are the screenshots. If I choose decoder + render

seem to go to maximum quality. If instead I choose to set no MQA support, my DAC DA-06 Luxman does not support MQA, connected to SOtM sms-200 ultra, it seems to scale to 88.2khz. Which setting is the correct one?

With no support MQA

This is the correct setting. It’s not scaling to 88.2kHz, it’s MQA Core decoding from 44.1kHz to 88.2kHz.

This is impossible for playing a MQA music to a non-MQA DAC unless that DAC or the streamer is configured to upsample everything. If you see the DA-06 behave this way, please post a photo of the DA-06 front panel showing the 192kHz or higher sample rate. You should see 44.1kHz this way normally.

I think you have misunderstood the MQA sample rate in the signal path, it is a different thing from the actual playback sample rate. Check the DA-06 front panel for the actual playback sample rate.

You are right! Thank you! Setting decoder + render the Dac shows 44.1.
While if I set no MQA support, the DAC shows a higher sampling rate.
Which coincides with the one shown in the MQA Core Decoder item.
Doubt removed.
Thank you!
We can close the post.