SotM sms200 not playing dsd

I have a pc with W10 which has roon server that played dsd files fine into a Najda dac via WaveIO USB to I2S card. I then put sms200 between pc and dac and I no longer am able to play dsd files. I get a hissing sound and barely audible music beneath the hissing. All other files play perfectly via this set up and were actually improved by inserting the sms200. Any ideas?

Have you tried rebooting the DAC after sMS-200 was installed?

“Hissing sound with barely audible music beneath the hissing” often means you are playing a DoP stream to a device that doesn’t understand DoP.

When you had this set up before, on Windows, what was the “DSD Playback Strategy” set to? (Settings -> Audio -> Gears Icon -> Device Settings -> Playback Tab)

You will need to have the same setting on the Roon Ready configuration screen on the sMS-200 for “DSD Mode”.

I’m thinking that you might have had “Convert to PCM” in the Windows setup and that the sMS-200 is set to “DoP”–but maybe you’ll surprise me.

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Took the sms200 out and went straight USB to WaveIO and with the setting as DoP or convert to pcm the music was louder but there was still hissing, about equal in volume to the music. It did not do this previously and played dsd files fine with no hissing. Playback is indicated yellow for dsd 64 and 128, and red above that.
In Eunhasu the sms200 settings dsd modes are: None, Native, DoP, DCS, Native/DoP, Native/DCS.
None of these seem to work and just get very high pitched hissing.

I’m confused–I thought you said this was working with Windows previously?

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That’s correct, it did work previously going direct from PC via sub to WaveIO but now I get the hissing whilst being able to hear music. With the sms200 in I just get hissing.
On a different thread that I can’t find now I read something about forced volume which could be the issue. As I say can’t find that now.

That result suggests that something changed about your windows settings between when it was working and when you tested yesterday.

My googling suggests that the Nadja DAC is a PCM only device that supports up to 192kHz, but that the WaveIO might be reporting a wider set of capabilities.

I don’t think this relates to the “force max volume…” setting, since it doesn’t seem that your WaveIO+Nadja combination supports DoP, and that is a DoP specific problem.

Try setting your max sample rate (in Roon’s device settings) to 192kHz and combining that with the “none” DSD mode on the SOtM.

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Brian, made those changes and they did bring about an improvement but still getting hissing. The music is now louder but the hissing is still there behind the music. Previously there was just hissing with music that I really had to strain to hear at very very low volume.

Hi @Keith_Smith ----- Thank you for touching base with us, it’s good to hear from you.

Moving forward, to help our techs better understand the issue you are experiencing, the team has requested that you get the “PC - > USB - > WaveIO” combo working again, as you had mentioned here. Once this configuration is able to successfully playback DSD content, please provide screenshots of all the settings you are using in Roon.

Looking forward to your feedback!