Sound breaking up using Roon Remote on iPad [Resolved]

Sound breaking up using Roon Remote on iPad. Roon Version 1.3 (Build 223) stable (64-bit). This happens no matter what I’m playing, Tidal or off my library. iPad using IOS 10.3.2.

Core Version1.3 (build 223) stable (64-bit) running on iMac: MacOS Sierra version 10.12.4.

Roon works fine using Core into Schitt Stack USB DAC.

I assume that in all cases, the DAC is connected directly to the Core PC since Roon cannot currently play locally to iOS devices. If that is the case, do you experience sound issues throughout the song when playback is simply launched from the iPad (then left alone)? Does the breakup only occur while actively interacting with the Roon interface while music is playing? Does closing the iPad Roon app after playbeack is initiated change the behavior?


Sorry, I neglected to add that I’m using the iPad as Roon Remote to control my BlueSound Node 2. I’m
now using BlueSound’s iPad app BlueOS to listen (with no problems) to my music.

I’ve tried re-booting the iPad and my iMac to no avail.

Hi @Donald_Schlack ---- Thank for the report and sharing your feedback with us.

I must admit that I am a touch confused about what is going on where, apologies :innocent: May I very kindly ask you to verify the following information for me to help aide in my evaluation of this behavior. Please see below.

From the provided information in your report…

  • Roon Core = iMac (Sierra version 10.12.4./ Roon 1.3 / Build 223 / 64-bit)
  • Roon Remote = iPad
  • End points:
  • Schitt DAC USB < - > iMac
  • BlueSound Node2

Please verify the following:

  1. To confirm, you are ONLY noticing this break up when using the Node 2, correct? Can you provide any further feedback about this zone (i.e what other equipment is being utilized if any)?

  2. How is the Node 2 being accessed across your network? Wifi? Ethernet?

  3. My instinct is telling me that this issue is related to something environmental but out of curiosity, how do other remote devices behave? How about when you control from the iMac?


I powered everything down again and brought the system back up. However, I noticed some odd behavior on the power down. Everything is working again!

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Hi @Donald_Schlack ---- Thank you for the follow up and sharing your observation with us. Glad to hear things have stabilized since power cycling your equipment.

Please let us know if anything else comes up and we’ll be glad to lend a hand. Happy listening!


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