Sound delay on Bluesound Node 2

Hello. I appreciate it in advance for any help.

My setup in my office has been Roon > Sonos Connect > KEF LS50. Yesterday, I swapped a Node 2 from another location for the Sonos, so now it’s Roon > Node 2 > KEF.

One thing I noticed is that the sound is not coming out of the speakers until about a second after the song shows as having started playing in Roon. It’s very weird, it’s like this very slight delay that I can’t seem to figure out. Imagine listening to Tom Sawyer without the very first downbeat - pretty annoying.

Does anyone know why this might be happening, and how I might look to solve it? This is happening with files in my machine, and Tidal tracks, regardless of file type.

Thank you,


Check to see if you have any DSP settings turned on in Roon - this is usually the culprit. I have Roon setup to output everything at DSD256 and takes about 1.5 seconds.

@Eric_Joyner1, I had the exact same problem on my Flex 2i and Node 2i. No DSP active.

The problem was actually much worse if I first grouped the Flex and Node (via BlueOS) and then used Roon to play a track. The track was then cut by about 5 seconds before it started.

When using the Node 2i on its own then I had the exact 1-2 seconds of sound ‘cut’ as you report.

I did not pursue a solution at the time as I had more pressing issues with the Bluesound. Maybe this is related to the Roon sync bug that Bluesound is indicating it is resolving with an early Feb update.

I can also confirm… no such issues with the Sonos Connect

We are actively working through a set of problems with Bluesound related to grouping + playback start. The fixes will ultimately go out in a future version of their firmware–we are not sure when. I think that using WiFi may exacerbate some of these issues, but am not 100% sure.

(@john – please make sure that the scope of the ongoing work with Bluesound covers these topics + that we aren’t missing any opportunities to get stuff fixed here)