Sound dropping out on wireless speaker

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)
Windows 10 based PC [hard wired to LAN]
[Roon Remote on iPhone 10.]

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)
BT Router.

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)
[Libratone wireless speaker.]

Description Of Issue
Sound drops out regularly for a second or two.

Problem doesn’t occur when using the same hardware set up and just Tidal.

Can you complete the Audio Devices section about.

Where are your music files stored?

As a test try hard wiring your Roon Core to the LAN, WiFi is not recommended.

This happens when I’m using Roon Remote on my iPhone 10 and streaming to a Libratone wireless speaker

My music files are stored on my PC

The problem doesn’t occur when I’m using Roon direct from the PC via a DAc into powered and wired speakers.

We like to listen to music in the garden though - thus the wi-fi

Hello Peter, I can’t tell from the information provided if the PC running Roon is wired or wireless to your router. Wireless to endpoints should be good within range of the router signal but as noted above the Roon core machine should be using Ethernet to router.

I use my Note 9 phone as an endpoint with a Bluetooth speaker out in the shop and garden and it works fine 60 feet from the hosue but the core machine is wired to the router.

Thanks Mike

The Roon core on the PC runs on wired connection and then I use my iPhone and Roon remote to connect to the wireless speaker in the garden.

But I keep getting these fairly constant momentary drop outs.

The wireless speaker is connected via wi-fi

Hello @Peter_Atkinson,

Could you describe the nature of the “dropouts” you are seeing? Are the “dropouts” simply the audio output going silent for the period of a few seconds and then coming back, or are there other issues that also occur in tandem? Are there any error messages shown in Roon when this occurs?

Also, if you move the speaker inside temporarily are you seeing any difference?

Hello Nuwriy

The dropout is just the audio going silent for a few seconds.

No other issues occur.

There are no error messages

It still happens with the speaker inside right next to the router



Hello @Peter_Atkinson, could you please test this speaker with iTunes using airplay and see if you still experience dropouts? I’d like to see if this is a network issue. Thanks, and please let me know if you’re able to maintain a connection via iTunes!

Hello Nuwriy

I’ve now had a chance to try the wireless speaker inside with Roon Remote and there’s very few dropouts.

In the garden though when extending the wireless range using Roon Remote the problem persists to the extent that Roon becomes unusable.

When I switched to just Tidal though and bypassed Roon Remote completely there were no dropouts on the wireless set up in the garden.

This is a great shame, obviously, as Roon improves the sound quality.



Perhaps it’s the strength of the router and the wireless signal. Roon is a heavy network user. If I understand it correctly the router would be communicating with the core, the remote and the endpoint at the same time. Other wireless apps like Tidal would not be using as much bandwidth.

Does your phone indicate the Mbps at that location? Assuming you have multiple wireless bands do you have the same issue with both? Or possibly have the remote on one band and the speaker on the other. Just tossing out ideas.

Blimey Mike - sorry, i don’t understand a lot of what you’re asking?
I’ve never had a problem with the wireless connection in the garden before though?