Sound is dropping out during playback

Music is dropping out intermittently while using roon.

my set up is as follows

Zone 1

Blue sound Vault2 with my main music library wired to network via small switch. connected by phono cables to Rotel Amp

Zone 2
Powernode 2 added also wired to network (added yesterday) same time as roon

Sonos play 3 no 1

Soon play 3 no 2

Roon is also looking at my old iTunes library hosted on my iMac (one year old)

i have superfast Virgin cable broadband (100 mbs) and the connection is fine and it’s a new router

Music plays fiine most of the time but will suddenly stop and then start again it could be a very short second or 2 break or it could be a really long break. When this long break occurs the volume indicator in the zones view is still moving but the music time strip seems paused. It’s a bit weird please can you advise. i have plugged / unplugged my router

Hi @Jumpology ---- Thank you for the report and sharing your feedback with us. We have good documentation in our knowledge base on how audio dropouts can occur and the best method for troubleshooting them. Can you please give that article a read and let me know what you have tried thus far?

Furthermore, to help me better evaluate what may be causing this behavior to occur can you please provide me with the following information:

  1. An expanded description of your current setup as seen here.

  2. Please describe your network configuration/topology in a bit more detail. I want to have an exact understanding of how your devices are communicating and what tools are being used to make those connections possible (i.e the make and models of your networking equipment).