Sound No longer being output on Raspberry Pi running Roon Bridge[Solved]

After the update to Roon Bridge on my raspberry Pi yesterday i am not longer getting sound through the USB connection to my integrated. I’ve restarted both the Pi as well as the machine running server, as well as reinstalled Roon Bridge on the Pi. The amp will detect bit/sampling changes on the display if I play albums with different rates but nothing will produce any sound. I also moved the amp to my main system to make sure nothing was wrong on that end and it was fine with the Sonic OrbiterSE.

Did some additional testing. This is strange. I moved the Pi to my main system and it plays fine. The SE plays fine with my integrated. The only thing that doesn’t work is the combination of the Pi and the integrated everything else plays like it did before the update.

got it working again after a wipe of the SD card and a complete reinstall of the OS and Roon Bridge, that was somewhat frustrating.

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