Sound quality change and re-installing older builds

Could you please check on this topic Sound Quality change with build 259 and let us know if there is way to go back to pre build 259 version. Several of us have noticed change in sound quality with built 259 and to conclusively verify what we observe would like to go back to the pre build 259 version.

And while you’re at it please organise for me to chase rainbows rather than doing something worthwhile. :rofl:


It seems to go back would probally be a difficult task at best.

First you would need the previous build download file.

They do not number their download file nor do they offer previous builds. You would of had to download the previous build for backup.

Then there is the database compatabilty issue. It seems that every time there is a update, they update the database also which means that it probally would have some compatability issues with the previous build. Now if you have a backup of that previous build database it might work.

Do not know why they make this so difficult but it can be complicated. It really could and should be more simplified to achieve this, but it seems to fall on the not even go there category.


One reason for not making prior releases available may be the complexity it would add to development. By not preserving backwards compatibility, Roon can make extensive changes to fundamental parts of the program and test against only the latest release for bugs. If prior releases were supported, then testing would scale in non-polynomial time with each permutation.

Why not release non-supported prior versions ? Because public releases of Roon are not an experimental environment. Paying users may be tempted to wander down a path that ultimately results in data loss. That is very undesirable.

The Roon devs and alpha testers are by and large a prickly bunch of perfectionists with a wide variety of gear between them and ability to compare new versions to public releases side by side. If a new version carried with it an explicit reduction in SQ my money would be on it being spotted. There’s nothing those dratted alpha testers like better than finding faults (shakes fist metaphorically). I’d suspect that any difference you are hearing in SQ is more likely to be referrable to some other change in your system.


It would be nearly impossible for me to state this more gracefully than @andybob has, but I tried anyway…

Judge for yourself:zipper_mouth_face:


Mike, thank you getting back to me. I read the link you provided. Here is how I see this subject:

  • Roon has the freedom to create products whatever it want to sell
  • I have the freedom to think twice to renew/not to renew the subscription
  • I have the freedom to say that I consider highly undesirable not to be able to control (upgrade/downgrade) the versions to verify the impact on sound quality - even though Roon is subscription based.

Based on the link provided there is no way Roon can guarantee verifiable stable SQ to users. I suggest Roon to offer cancellation for subscribed users before the year comes up.

Does (can) any manufacturer guarantee this between all the products in a batch?

Sound quality is very subjective parameter in any case, I am on the Naim beta testers and early on in a release they are several posts saying that they think the sound quality has improved with the latest iteration only for Naim HQ to row in and say they are not happy with the sound quality and sudsy quite a few of the testers hear it differently and notice the reduction in quality.

And as set ups generally are a set of compromises between your system, your ears and the room what 98% of Roon users might call a sound quality improvement could well be disimprovement in your set up.

I would imagine the cancelling of subscriptions and refunding of monies would be logistically costly in the same way as a monthly subscription seems to be difficult for Roon to implement in a cost-effective manner. But maybe not, I don’t know how Roon handle such requests at the moment. I think it way we’ll be similar to-


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