Sound quality decreases with two end points playing

ROCK on NUC8i5BEK/8GB/120GB SSD for database + with music on USB disk.

End point 1 is dedicated Pentium N3700/Win10Pro/PinkFaun SPDIF Bridge/Win 10 Pro.

End point 2 is dedicated Celeron 847 with on-board SPDIF/Win 8.1.

All machines up to date software-wise.

The sound quality on end point 1 decreases when I play music on both end points. ROCK does some DSP for both end points: a -2dB dip at 3000 Hz with Q=1. Library is roughly 20,000 local tracks + 2.000 on Qobuz.

Does this mean that the NUC8i5 is under-powered?

Can you post a screenshot of the Signal Path, expanding it and showing both zones.

Cheers, Greg

Hi @Arjen_Rinzema,

As Greg suggested, can you share screenshots of the complete signal path here?

Do you experience similar issues with DSP disabled?

Thanks for the tip! Only now did I find out that each end point was actually running a 6 band Graphic Equalizer. I did not realize that Roon stored things that I tried in the past in different bands. All of them had zero dB gain, except Band 1 (see above) and a sharp low pass filter above 20 kHz (which I cannot hear anymore anyway…). Problem solved now.

Sorry to have bothered you with such a stupid mistake…


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