Sound quality of Roon build 537 [retracted claim]

I completely agree

This has been a thoroughly entertaing read.

Just one question, why do these “audiophiles” with €24K servers buy Roon in the first place? After all, they don’t seem to be listening to any music.

Maybe better to leave all software and music files out of the mix, connect up all the equipment, turn the volume on the amp to max and listen and debate what one is hearing and how to “fix” it.

But then again, most of us here would miss the entertainement.


You must be feeling the pressure Danny. Never mind… You’ll get over it :rofl::speak_no_evil::hear_no_evil::see_no_evil:

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I guess we are being infiltrated by the minions of AudioPhool Style. Seems like the higher up the hifi chain you go the more disconnected with listening to music you become and listen to the hifi more and become obsessed with noise. Sad thing that.


You’re evidently a very poor judge of character.

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Maybe you can help by providing genuine facts.
In the whole thread I only hear subjective rants and not a single hint to facts.

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I’d venture that every Extreme music server owner has had a NUC, Nucleus, SGC or similar as their Roon Core before buying an Extreme. And most Extreme buyers auditioned before purchase. Yes, it’s expensive. But in general the best stuff is.

And I’ll bet every one of you bashing the Extreme has never even heard it.

So instead of make snide, negative, price related and unfounded comments about it go listen to it first. Listen to what it does to Roon …and then come back and post founded comments…


Another (probably unpopular) perspective: Bandcamp is offering 100% of revenue to artists on Fridays through July. I spent $100 yesterday, about 1/5th of the cost of my ROCK server (NUC with a ZeroZone LPS). Money very much needed by musicians and labels, esp at this time. I wonder how many with $24K servers spent $4800 on new music yesterday instead of listening over and over for almost imperceptible changes on that one Dire Straits track, thinking perhaps if they go with a $2k power cable instead of the $1k they already have it will be that much better? (and yes, I’m generalizing so don’t get TOO insulted).

I really do think far too often hi-end hifi has totally lost the plot in regards to actual enjoyment of music (and FTR I’m one of those crazy people that hears a difference between ethernet cables and switches on my ‘lowly’ $6K total system).


I don’t need to and can not hear a server. It would be like tasting a pot to judge the quality of a meal.


Your loss…


Listening for the sound quality of a music server is like dancing about architecture.



It’s a windows server you can’t ‘hear’ it at all. Well except maybe the power on beep!


I don’t doubt it sounds better (I would hope so!) but the question is at what cost? I think to most it seems extreme (pun intended) for the purpose it serves (pun also intended or not). But for those that have everything, and can afford it, I salute you.

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Don’t feel it. I love to enjoy the meal and not the pot


Anyone who would buy something like the Taiko server must be living on inherited money.

Old money :stuck_out_tongue:

If my main concern, while building a Roon server, was “RF Noise” I would run at lightning speed away from this Taiko Audio box. It’s an RF nightmare. I wouldn’t be surprised if the “BIOS” fix was to turn off one of the CPUs, underclock the other one, and turn off HT.

Adjusting threads, or processes, to be better distributed across cores is unique to a high core count architecture. I don’t see how it is relevant to a Roon Core running on recommended hardware.

I’m going to go underclock my Roon server and reduce the core count to 1 now. Things will load slower but, according to what I’ve put together from this thread, my system should sound as good as a $24,000 server. Although, I could also ask my neighbor to host my Roon Core and use Wifi to reach it. The distance should eliminate any RF within the Core. Thanks for the suggestion.


I absolutely cannot wait for being able to run Core in AWS and Amazon gets flooded with “audiophiles” demanding “low noise” instances. Or the endless debates on which cloud provider sounds better. My bets on Oracle. Us Audiophiles might just save big red. Oh, the headlines that would make.