Sound quality on Monterey is worse than on Mojave

Roon Core Machine

roon core: Mac mini (late 2014), 3 GHz Dual-Core Intel Core i7, 16 GB, macOS 12.6.3

Networking Gear & Setup Details

LAN - Ethernet, no VPN, no WiFi

Connected Audio Devices

streamer: Silent Angel Munich M1T → T+1 DAC200 (connected via USB to streamer)

Number of Tracks in Library

14.000 & Qobuz

Description of Issue

Dear roon Support team,

Unfortunately, as I found out the sound quality is significantly worse on macOS Monterey than on macOS Mojave (separate installations on the same mac mini as roon core, other macOS in between were skipped). If possible, no additional processes are running. The legacy version of roon runs on Mojave, formerly legacy on Monterey, now 2.0, which makes no difference. I always use the conversion to DSD256 which is great with my DAC.

How can I set up Monterey in such a way that the usual and great sound quality of roon does not suffer?

Thank you in advance for a brief note.

Best regards
Stefan Weiss

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