Sound Quality & Streamer Alternatives - Static Noise/Pops Bluesound Nodes USB output

Roon Core Machine


Networking Gear & Setup Details

Ethernet TRENDnet TEG-S50g switch

Connected Audio Devices

Bluesound Node

Number of Tracks in Library

200 tracks

Description of Issue

Popping sounds in songs when playing from the Bluesound Node USB output.

Two questions:

  1. Has anyone else experience a sound quality degradation when using Spdif/coax output from the Bluesound Node to their DAC to get around the USB output popping problem?

  2. What other Roon Endpoints with a USB output produce sound quality equivalent or a little better than the Bluesound Node, without the popping, at comparable or better price (yes, I’m thinking of replacing the Node in my system)?


Unfortunately an all to well known issue right now.
Try a quick search but here is just one example.

Do you have the option to use the spdif out instead of USB for now?

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Yes, I do have the Spdif option. However, the sound quality on my system is lower when using Spdif, more specifically, I loose detail and clarity, which I spent a lot of money to achieve.

What we don’t know is if they will solve the problem, and if they do solve the problem, when…

And that pretty much sums it up ATM.
However I would likely opt for a bit lower detail quality than any pops or cracks.


Hi @Jay_Decker,

Bluesound typically releases major updates toward the end of the year. Let’s hope any updates correct this problem for you and others.


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