Sound question in general

Hi all

I’ve just upgraded my Elac Debut to the KEF LS50 Meta’s and really enjoying them

My question I think is maybe to do with sound waves but maybe I might find a more technical response on here

My speakers are about 3 metres away from where I listen

If I lean forward a bit the bass is dampened

If I sit back in the chair the bass is deeper and more prominent

Is this because bass sound waves travel further ?

Hi David, most probably the bass is affected by your room modes (or resonances). You can read more here:

Room modes - Wikipedia

In short, there are certain places in the room called “nodes” where the amplitude of the sound waves in the bass region is reduced. If you find that bothersome, you may need to apply some acoustic treatments and/or do some correction:

Digital room correction - Wikipedia

I believe there are some great links on this in this forum if you want to go down that path.


This is a favorite of mine…

Moving yourself is a quick way to determine if you need to move speakers. It sounds like your preferred speaker location, if you’re not going to move the seating position, may be further into the room.


@David_Pullum, if you’re inclined to better understand room acoustics, I’d recommend reading Sound Reproduction: Loudspeakers and Rooms by Floyd E. Toole.