Soundaware A1X - Not actually "Roon Ready"?

Ok so I purchased a Soundaware A1X in January as it’s supposed to be “Roon Ready” and advertised as such. To this day I can only use Airplay as when I try select Roon Ready it states it’s certified. Is this certification ever going to happen? The only reason I bought it was that it is meant to be “Roon Ready”

Quite frustrating

These are the Soundaware devices that are Roon Ready: Roon + Soundaware | Get Roon for a Better Music Experience. I don’t see the A1X in that list. So unfortunately, they lied in their marketing.

Soundaware may have submitted the device for certification, so it might become Roon Ready in the future. There is however no guarantee. If I were you, I would take the device back to where you got it from and ask for a refund.

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All the information out there by Soundaware lists it as Roon Ready and this model was previously known to work as a Roon Ready device until Roon decided only those that finished certification could be used. No way such things won’t hurt Roon reputation in future if it continues.

They shouldn’t be restricting the devices that can run on RaaT and certification should simply be optional. A guarantee something will work. Roon Ready vs Roon Ready Certified. Very irritating.

I understand your frustration, but how is Roon at fault for a third-party misadvertising Roon Readiness? I suggest you contact Soundaware and bring up your concerns with them.

I agree this definitely hurts Roon, but allowing these devices to continue operating as ‘Roon Ready’ hurts them more. There is a reason why they are not (yet) Roon Ready. It may appear to be working for you, but that doesn’t mean it would have worked for everyone.

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I completely fail to see how anybody can blame Roon in this instance!
Soundaware were possibly deceptive in the advertising or to be polite overly optimistic.
They sold an item as Roon Ready when it was/is not.

How in the world can you lay that at the door of Roon?

Roon are quite rightly sticking to their certification process and the only people I see here being hurt is the poor consumer ( you) who now has a product that does not match the sellers false description.

I learned the hard way that manufacturers play fast and loose with the “Roon Ready” tag in their marketing. I bought a pair of KEF LS50 M2’s which were marketed as “Roon Ready” “Coming Soon”. 6 months later “soon” had still not come. Luckily I bought them from Crutchfield who took them back as I had asked them about it months earlier.

Lesson learned.


Yeah, I’ve reverted to running mini PC’s with Roon Bridge installed. I can’t hear the difference between that and a RP4 with RoPieeeXL installed and I get more functionality hooked up to a screen.

Yeah, in the tech field, “Soon” with a capital S is defined as “maybe sometime”.

It’s defined as we have it in with Roon for certification, which may never, ever happen

Well, now it’s actually Roon Ready so I’ve no complaints. Fantastic unit.

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Glad you got it working to your satisfaction. How are you using it?

It reminds me of my giving up on my “Roon Tested” Onkyo TX-RZ50 AV Receiver, not being able to figure out any way to get it to work with the Roon client software in the Settings | Audio section. Can’t get the Onlyo working with Roon as an Audion device using Chromecast, nor Airplay (and why Airplay? I don’t own an Apple devices). Only my Lyngdorf Audio TDAI -1120 is seen by Roon and works flawlessly with the speakers connected to it, and I’d hate to think that in the other room with the Onkyo, I would need another Lyngdorf Audio TDAI -1120 to use the speakers connected to the Onkyo!

Sounds like your network is blocking MDNS which is needed to discover airplay or Chromecasts clients. I would check your routers settings. You don’t need an Apple device to play from Roon via Airplay it will just see airplay compatible devices and play to then using that protocol. It allows any Airplay device to act as Roon endpoint regardless of what operating system ot tablet phone you use.

It is just not intuitive when Roon shows a large number of Audio devices that don’t make sense. At least it does list the ip address of the devices, so that is helpful. On a PC, Chromecasting youtube to the TV makes sense… click on casting icon on that youtube video and cast to the device listed, being a TV where I can see if it works right away. In Roon, is it casting from the laptop where I would be running the Roon client to the Onkyo receiver, in which case, if that is true, I guess the Onkyo need to be in NET mode where I think the Chromecast is… ok, that makes sense. Maybe it is MDNS because I don’t think it allowed me to either see it in Roon or use it in Roon. I’ll look into that, thank you.

Chromecast like anything in Roon is sent from the core machine to the endpoint, same goes for Airplay nothing in Roon is sent from your phone or any other remote they are just controllers and or endpoints themselves. You enable all devices in Settings/Audio then the Roon will see them as zones to play to.

If you can Chromecast to the receiver from the pc is thsi the same pc that is your Roon core? If not then sounds like something perhaps on the core machine is blocking this communication for it to find them.
Normally they show up under other network devices in the settings.