Soundaware D300REF, will it be certified? [Now Roon Ready]

I think they have been trying to get certification since 2018. Any word on this? Asking before I potentially buy.


So what about the owners of these devices?

I have a Roon lifetime license and have been using the Soundaware D300 Ref for over a year with Roon.

For me, this is the best digital transport that has surpassed many competitors with official Roon support, in terms of quality.

As far as I know, a copy of the device was transferred to Roon Labs for certification and for a long time.

And… What’s the status of the certification process?

They just sent us something last week that is being tested.

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Thanks for the answer.

As I understand it, the previous “something”) did not pass the test?

if we needed another firmware, there was something wrong with the previous.

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Thanks again for the helpful information.
Hopefully they will have time to correct all the shortcomings and settle the formalities.
Their device sounds great!

I have recently bought a Soundaware D300ref streamer. Marvelous sound.
I wanted to subscribe to Roon to control it.
I have subscribed to 14 days trial but can’t use D300ref as endpoint. Seems I should have looked at supported devices before.

As several lucky people report using Roon + D300ref as source, is there a way to do it, at my own risks?

Best regards

You can currently only connect to it on the network via Airplay. Looks like they are in the middle of getting it to work with Roon.

Thanks, meanwhile i use it with bubbleupnp but it is not very stable.
as the sentence you quote was written 2 months ago, i hoped there could be an update…

I would contact them and ask.

i think soundaware waits for answer from Roon (though i am absolutely not certain about that), that is why i would be glad if someone from Roon could say if things have changed since september.

Hi @David_Nowicki, I’m one of the mods on here, I don’t speak for Roon but have hung around here long enough to have insight on their policies.

Roon do not comment on the progress of a device’s Roon Ready certification program as, their reasons are two fold:

  1. It’s confidential (often NDAs are in place)
  2. There are too many variables to predict if / when a device will pass.

As Ged suggested, for “insider” knowledge you would have to ask Soundaware directly.

thanks for the advice! i will.

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