Soundcloud/mixcloud streaming

(Rob OK) #42

You’d have to do a one time configuration to add a SoundCloud account, or mixcloud account. Then from your control app you could see your feed, favorites and so on. We are not requesting all streaming at will, but an expanded set of sources. They would work more like Internet Radio (no metadata) not like Tidal.

(Anders Vinberg) #43

I understand that. My point was about the distributed architecture of Roon. It isn’t really useful to create a virtual sound card on the Core box, because it it is a Nucleus or ROCK box that doesn’t allow running other software, it sits in a closet where nobody see it, and it doesn’t have a user interface (display, keyboard, mouse).

If I’m going to run some third party software with it’s own user interface, it will have to run on my Remote (iPad, laptop, whole) and then feed the sognalback to the Core which processes it (format translation, DSP…) and then distributes it out to the Endpoint (which is typically not the same as the Remote). This distributed architecture is central to Roon’s value proposition, it wouldn’t be interesting to add a feature that works in only a limited set of configurations.

Streaming into Roon the same way Tidal and Qobuz are integrated is great, but that requires cooperation from the service.

(Rob OK) #44

Ok, got it and agree. I’m not in the virtual sound card camp.

I don’t know how Sonos is allowed to stream SoundCloud without limits, maybe they have s specific deal.

(Jan Reinmueller) #45

Any news on this @Danny ? Is it possible or not?

(Danny Dulai) #46

Sonos has a special deal with EVERYONE … and they are the only one who can pull it off. Even Apple bent to their whim.

(Danny Dulai) #47

not only do they still have the daily 15k API calls limit, but they’ve closed all new “apps” from registering – they are getting more and more closed.