Space bar for start/stop - make it configurable

Please change the use of the space bar to start/stop the music to some other key or key-combo. Alternately, make it a setting that I can select myself.

Examples of problems encountered:

I was selecting music for the morning queue last evening, chose Albums from the menu, put it in alphabetic order, and typed “John Field” to scroll the list to that section. The TV was playing in the other room and switched to the music in the queue when I hit the space bar. (It’s a Sonos system with the TV sound played through a sound bar.) Others in the house were rather annoyed with me. Yes, I knew about the space bar but I wasn’t thinking about that at the time.

If I leave Roon Remote as the open window on my PC, go away and do something else for awhile, come back to my PC with the screen saver, hit the space bar (as is my usual habit) to bring back the active display, the music stops. Annoying. Yes, I can hit a different key or use the mouse. Old habits are hard to break.

Thanks for your consideration.

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