Spare Dragonfly Cobalt and Home Cinema

Hi Guy’s

I recently found myself with a spare Cobalt after i got a Hugo. Using my laptop as a Roon endpoint and with the Cobalt connected, i can connect it to the Cinema amp via a headphone to RCA, this works well.

My question is, what can i use to replace my laptop, i’m looking for something that can remain in situ and on 24/7?


A Raspberry Pi running RoPieee is the default cheap solution here. Buy the Cana kit on Amazon.

Or, just buy the pieces you need. RPi4, power supply, micro SD card, FLIRC case. Total cost was $77 last time I checked.

Cool - so the RoPieee will allow Roon to identify the Dragonfly?

Yes. I have assembled 3 of them. They work great. You can connect by ethernet or WIFI, but will initially need ethernet to do the install and setup.

Fantastic - many thanks :slight_smile:

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You don’t need more than a 2GB RPi4.

Consider using DSP volume control with the Dragonfly Cobalt instead of Device Volume. I’ve had it jump to max volume at random but rare occasions when set to Device Volume in Roon. That doesn’t happen with volume control set to DSP.

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Of course you could always get a DAC HAT for the RPI. Freeing up the Cobalt to be used for something else. :rofl: :rofl:

I just found an older Dragonfly Black in a desk drawer and plugged it into my PC with a pair of B&W cans connected to it.
Set to device volume in settings.

Three times today it shot to max volume for no good reason I could see.

Is this a known bug or??

Not sure if it’s a, “known”, bug but definitely a bug. I’ve used device volume with no problems on a couple of devices from other manufacturers. I suspect it’s something to do with the Dragonfly products. I only use them in software volume mode with Roon. Doesn’t the Dragonfly Black have its own volume control?