Speaker filter on Android

Please, please, please add this to next build. Like a zillion other users i have a hearing imbalance and desparately need speaker filter suppot when using headphone.

PIA to run to my notebook to run Roon just so i can change channel db.

Can you explain what you mean by speaker filter?

I’d imagine the speaker setup DSP that allows you to change balance.

@Neil_Snyder you can get around the button not being available like most DSP filters by setting up a and saving a DSP preset from you computer that has the Speaker Setup enabled . You can then turn this on/off from the phones UI in the DSP section easily when you need it. You could set up a few different ones for different levels if you need to adjust whilst listening. Not perfect but better than nothing. Most DSP are absent due to lack of space in the phone layout, would be good to have more available though so a good ask.


Further to the above, most phones have a crude graphic equaliser for headphone use as part of ‘Custom’ Sound settings, as well as presets for different types of music.

Misunderstood. I use my phone as an interface to Roon. My headphones are connected to a wireless music streamer: Chord Mojo2/Poly and not to my phone.

Roon’s DSP has the ability to add a speaker filtercwhere you can changel output separately for left and right channel

Its only available on computers and tablet interfaces and not phones.

For now, couldn’t you just save a bunch of DSP presets at varying dB levels and select them on your Phone as required?

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I’’m an idiot. I thought that didn’t work because I added the speaker filter but forgot to save it as a preset. So, when I chose it on my phone the preset did not have a speaker filter. I saved the dsp preset and now it works. This makes my advanced dementia look even worse.


Easy done don’t cut your self up about it.