Speaker not always working

Not really a question about Roon, but about audio equipment.
Why does one of my speakers, left side not always work, while all other speakers on this same channel and same amplifier work. In order to make it work I have to

In order to make it work I have to turn up volume very loud and then it works. It’s almost like the sound is stuck and won’t come out unless I blast it. Then it works fine. Hat is the defect in the speaker?

Check for a loose connection between the amp and the speaker, on both sides of the wire. If that doesn’t fix it, swap speakers around and see what happens. That should tell you whether the problem is with the amp or with the speaker.

What you describe is often the result of a poor connection. Turning up the volume generates enough voltage to spark across the bad connection, and it then works until corrosion or movement stops it again.

Just disconnecting and reconnecting plugs half a dozen times may be enough to fix it. Or better clean the connections with contact cleaner.

Sounds like a solution. Thanks for the quick reply.