Speakers to sit on a desk


Looking for recommendations for a pair of speakers/monitors (passive) to sit on my desk

So fairly extreme nearfield ! Not enough room to place on stands behind the desk sadly

Bass extension not too much of a worry as I have a powered sub and they will be fed by Roon/HQP

I think a little more information would help.
Budget, colour, looks, size…
I’ll move this to the equipment category it will help rather than it being uncategorised.

Colour, looks etc are immaterial although need to be fairly small due to space limitations

Budget is up to £1000



Thanks @ged_hickman1 I’d always thought these were a good choice, but my only concern was how practical they are in a nearfield setup

That’s really why i asked how big - as i wanted to know what you thought would be practical. If you really want near-field and don’t care about looks look at the best sellers in pro audio / DJ shops.
I’ve got a pair of these on my desk and they look faintly ridiculous to be honest.

i have these under them to give a bit of isolation

I’d not thought in ‘pro’ kit terms

I’ll do some research there but if I can always come back to the LS50s if not

Might have to shuffle the junk on my desk about a bit mind :smile:

Have a look here

Thank you :+1:

Steer clear of the auratones, or horrortones as most recording studio affectionately refers to them. They are for mixing output to hear the worst they can listen to that might be found out there. While they maybe ok you can do soooo much better

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