Special characters: password and filenames

I am just getting started with Roon and notice in this FAQ:

that " 1. Your username and password should not contain any special characters"

This is an outdated and unacceptable password policy and leaves me feeling that I should stop right here and not proceed with Roon.

I also notice in the forums that file names with some special characters are not scanned into the library. Again, this is a show-stopper.

Are these issues now resolved?



I believe it is still current policy.
But I’m sure @support will comment further in due course.

While I agree it’s outdated, it doesn’t make that much of a difference in the roaring 20s.

Just create a 32 character password in a password manager. Case or special characters make no difference at that point.
It only makes a difference when you create short passwords.

I think that, because Roon’s library is platform agnostic, some characters are not allowed as they may mean something different across different OSes. Dunno.

As @xxx said, those restrictions are for compatibility across different operating systems. The alternative would be difficult-to-debug failures when you change your Roon Core server or music storage server to a different OS. In particular, SMB/CIFS mounts in Linux may fail if password contain certain special characters, and characters like “/” or “:” are problematic in filenames for different operating systems.

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I believe Linux is the weak link as far as special characters are concerned.

Of all the reasons to stop using Roon, this is the least offensive and easiest to work around (MPO).

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