Special Event Soundtrack CDs

Here’s a question that I thought might find an answer in this category.

I have a few of what I’ll call “Special Event Soundtrack CDs.” They’re commercially produced discs and fully licensed, but apps like dbPowerAmp and even iTunes doesn’t find any metadata for the album or tracks. The soundtrack to the Paramount Studio series “Yellowstone” is one I’ll use as an example. I’m sure I can probably edit the information in Roon manually, but I’m just wondering if there’s a workaround that might be quicker, and/or more accurate than manually entering the information??

Thanks, in advance, for the feedback.

I would think if the data isn’t there, you have to add it. In DB poweramp you can submit your data to the Free Database for the next person.

Good point, Chris. If I end up adding myself, I’ll definitely go that way. Thanks.

If your tagger can access Discogs, try that. Then, throw it to Roon and see if its Rovi/Allmusic/SpecialSauce DB can find it.

Then enter the data by hand.

I’ll do some research on it, John_Venable. Thanks for the suggestion.

You can try discogs.com search to see if its there, without having to get a new tagger first.

Great! I’d found the Web site, but hadn’t tried anything yet. I’ll give it a go! Thanks again!!