Specific album in folder Missing from Roon

I have notice AC/ DC Back in Black is missing from my Library although I have checked and it in my watched folder. The system had picked up the Tidal Version, which I have now deleted.
I have disabled and re enabled the folder to no avail.
Any ideas?

Try searching for one of the track names - mine got mis-identified as ‘Graveyard Classics / Six Feet Under’

This is worse, I have a drive with a S3 music folder containing S3 2 to 7 sub folders.
I can watch them all individually or globally and I can see this album within the S3 2 sub folder. But I can’t get Roon to see it at all.
The sub folders seem to have been incorporated into the Artist list in the main folder. I don’t know how this happened.
I am lost now as I suspect other albums are there but unseen.

Use Focus to focus on the S3 folder in question ONLY

This will filter your library to only those albums in that Folder

This makes it much easier to see what Roon is doing with the albums in question and how it is ID’ing them…and also allowing you to run a Re-Identify to see if that produces a more accurate result

[quote=“MattF, post:2, topic:1263, full:true”]mine got mis-identified as ‘Graveyard Classics / Six Feet Under’
[/quote]Ditto, though it has ID’ed correctly in some earlier builds.

Matt, you are correct it was miss identified as you say. It led me on a merry dance checking my folders removing, refocusing etc. Still, I have learned a lot and am back on track.
Thanks for the help. Chris

I put in a ticket about this today guys. We’re on it – thanks for the report.

Hey guys – this got fixed today.

Right-click the album in the browser to select it, then choose Edit > Re-identify

Good as new :smile:

That’s good to hear, thanks Mike.