Specific DSP for Naim Mu-so 2

Dear all,

Haven’t been here for a while… been too busy listening to chooons!! After much deliberation, I purchased a Naim Mu-so 2 - and the thing is a beast!! (Was considering the Sonos 5’s but the Mu-so won out - actually purchased the Mu-so to ‘audition’ and was so impressed that I never ended up sending it back!! (I’m sure the Sonos 5’s are good too?))…

Anyway, I digress… I’m very happy with the sound that’s coming out of the Mu-so but just wondered if anyone had a specific DSP preset / setting for it that I could try out?

If no, then fair enough; it’s gonna be a one-post thread!! :grinning: :facepunch:t5: