Specific metadata not possible?


I start my trial subscription and as a first impression I am very dissapointed. I have all my collection organized to my taste and my genres are very specific. For instance I have all the harpischord concertos of bach under the genre “BACH harpiscord concertos” ; the violin ones “BACH violin concertos”; the flute concertos "BACH - flute concertos; the italian music “ITALIAN MUSIC”. So, my collection is arranged around “genres” created to my tastes and tied to each track using the “genre metadata”.

Roon ignores all that and organizes itself acording to generic genres metadata : classical; easy listening; etc … but I don´t want my collections organized like that ! … Is there a way to avoid that ?

In no way “Bach” or “Vivaldi” can appear under the genre “classical” … they are barroque composers, not classical ones.

See the screenshot of the genres produced/organizes by ROON … I had classical performers (Itzak Perlmann, John Barbirolli undes the “Easy Listening” label or Pierre Hantai, Robert King and R Goebel under the laber “Stage & Screen” with Vangelis and Sinatra.

Can´t figure out the criteria under this organization and all appears in a mess.

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PS couldn´t upload the screenshot due a system error …

Big update coming soon. Full meta data use from files and full editing: