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I cannot upload my favorite radio station, any one have idea how can slove it. Other radio station working flawless. (Open the picture)

Hello @ilan_vaksilan and welcome: the audio stream for the station had changed slightly (it added an extra redirection which Roon didn’t like).

I’ve fixed it. Try now.

hi brian
i been surprised that my issue been cared in such a fast time
thank you and roon lab team, you are the best! , best software

and best support the radio station is working !!! i notice that the problem exsit in all "KAN" station i will appreciate if all KAN station will be check and fix i prefer to hear live radio through roon VS mt streamer so it is much important to me . cheers ilan v. ![Screenshot_20221206-192757_Roon|225x500](upload://qPZTQ5Lq94SMigNo02Tc5tIJtGS.jpeg) ![Screenshot_20221206-182630_Roon|225x500](upload://wwvsa7CLYNQq3Yc9lTXghZjdC0I.jpeg)
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Hello again @ilan_vaksilan, I’ve fixed KAN GIMMEL and KAN BET.

If I’ve missed any, let me know.

therse is a bunch of KAN station,cant you use “find” option ??
if not i can uplode the remain KAN station, please let me know if you need my help
ilan v.


There are 4 KAN stations in the database. I believe they all work.

i will check in the evening and update you
ilan v.

it seems that all KAN which i need working
thanks brian

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