Specification for zone sync

The goal ist to use for stereo replay/streaming two zones.One zone is the left channel, the other zone is the right channel. Reason for that is that is better (for me) to do that in that way. My HW is the Altitude 32 and the speakers are Meridian DSP(legacy types, means no Speakerlink from Meridian). As the Ethernet to audio interface is the Meridian MS200, there is only one Sl output that doesnt fit to my DSP legacy, But that not important for my question: What are the theoretical and practical specs to sync two zones ?
And how its done ?
Thanks Robert Wistrela

Hi Robert,

I love your lateral thinking, but I don’t see this as being a working solution.

The reason that SPDIF carries the stereo signal in one data stream is to ensure the timing across the two channels is extremely accurate there’s no way that degree of precise alignment can be maintained in what you are considering.

Don’t you have something like this now for your digital theater setup?
Trinnov Alt. 32 → Meridian 271 Digital Theatre Controller → bunch of your Revivers → Legacy DSPs.

So why not
Meridian 200 → your Reviver → Legacy Master DSP → SPDIF-COMMS → Slave Legacy DSP?

Hello Carl,

Thanks once more for your help! My not technical problem is, that I do not have any spare Revivers as the last two Revivers (what are installed in my audo layout) I loaned to a HH for a try and never got it back. Finally I send him a bill to charge what he did. I explained him my situation but he didn’t care!
So far that -no Revivers- and cosmetic reasons I want a solution what is “better”.

Your suggestion is the technical correct one as you know. I have started now to think to made Revivers again, but in a different way to build then as that was/is “just for fun”. But I am still in the idea to do that, no decision is made. (Thats, when that maybe happen, will be a positive outcome of the not received Revivers). But my motivation is weak to do that.

Thanks Carl, Robert

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