Specs for USB drive to use with Sonictransporter I5

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The Sonictransporter I5 I purchased recently is sounding good in my system but I am having a minor problem with the USB drive that I am using. The drive is a Western Digital My Passport Ultra and occasionally when the drive goes inactive between tracks a short dropout in the playback happens. The timing of the dropout matches the transition of the indicator LED on the drive from solid to blinking so I am pretty sure latency of the drive is the problem.

Any suggestions on the best specs/brand spinning USB drive to use? I am considering one of the high-end WD drives designed for enterprise applications (http://www.wdc.com/en/products/products.aspx?id=1670#Tab3). A second possibility that I am considering is this offering from Glyph: http://www.glyphtech.com/product/studio

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This is info I found on Amazon:

Is there any reason not to use a Gold drive (vs Black) in a desktop PC where I want maximum performance? (OS & apps on SSD, data on hard drive.)
Answer: Save Money, Go with black unless you have 24/7 rugged applicaions.
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By MEMORY n MORE on August 22, 2016
I don’t think you will get a better performance form the Gold over the Black. The specs are similar for data storage. Unless your computer is on 24/7/365 and reading and writing all the time I would save the money and go with the black.
By Greg on August 22, 2016

Problem solved: Andrew with SGC was able to tweak the OS to allow the USB drive a bit more response time and now everything is working fine with the WD My Passport drive. Love the sound I am getting from the Sonictransporter/Microrendu/Roon combo.

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This is really interesting some drives power down sooner then others. I tweaked the sonicTransporter OS to make sure a USB attached drives will keep spinning during playback but spin down after you are done with a listening session.

Is that something that is set by default with a shipped ST or we need to tweak after receiving it?

This is set by default.