Spectrogram for version comparison/hi-res analysis

I would like Roon to make it easy to view a spectrogram of a track or whole album. This would be very helpful in distinguishing between albums where I own several versions. Even moreso with checking out my hi-res purchases or rips. When I have hi-res files with no content above 22kHz (clear 44.1kHz master) or unfiltered DSD noise (“cloud” above 40kHz with no musical content, separated from the music) I like to know. Then I can either get rid of a version, sample rate convert unnecessarily large files, etc.

I’ll now offer up an exemplary implementation for this sort of “overview” use case.

Free and open source, very easy to read: http://spek.cc

Of course professional DAWs also have spectrograms built in. My favorite is in iZotope RX but that is overkill for this purpose and geared towards isolating and repairing problematic audio.

Currently I hit edit, click on file location, then open Spek, drag file in and view. It would be really nice to have it in Roon and I think a lot of users with multiple versions of an album and/or hi-res files will really appreciate seeing what they have.