Spectrum internet outage in SoCal

Glad I have 8 terabytes of high res music I don’t have to depend on streaming services which I both have subscriptions to TIDAL and Qobuz.

Outage over… Lasted about 30 minutes or so.

Unusual for Spectrum to go down. Very reliable service.

So, Spectrum is as bad in SoCal as it is in upstate NY?

Fiber is supposedly coming to my neighborhood. Cheaper and faster.

Can’t wait to get rid of Spectrum :poop:

This was the first or second outage? in 2020…so not so bad I think.

If that were only true for my Spectrum ISP.

I’m not alone in this regard, in this region.

Here, many people despise them. At one time, Cuomo threatened to kick them out of the state.

It’s bad all over NY. Had it for 5 years there, moved to FL and enjoying with At-t fiber. Get fios fiber ASAP, worth it :pray:

I live in SoCal and couldn’t be happier with Spectrum.

AT&T Sucked!

Well, YMMV as they say :smiley: