Spinner spinning forever

My spinner has been spinning since 1.2 Stable was released. It says it has more than 1600 tracks still to identify.

This didn’t happen in the past. It used to accept defeat and stop spinning.

@mike, is there a ticket for this bug? (I haven’t seen one.)

Sounds media related. Have you added any files recently? Can you dump some logs to @vova and I?

Sure. What’s the easiest way to dump logs from RoonServer? As support package from Roon Remote won’t cut the mustard, right?

Indeed I’ve added files, but not the 1500 or so it is stuck on. I moved a major chunk of storage recently, which I think is what triggered this attempt to reidentify everything.

Either way, it’s unfriendly behaviour, as I’m sure you’d agree. I’m sure Roon is expected to give up when it can’t identify something, but it’s not doing so. (I admire its persistence! :wink: )

Hey @Ludwig ,

I PMed you a Support ID.


@mike @vova Any ideas on this? It’s still spinning its little heart out…

@Ludwig, I PMed you few hours ago.