Spinning circle problem, that disappears when Qobuz is deactivated

I have observed the following problem in Roon.After I have moved my music files and Roon library to my new Innuos music server everything works properly, but I notice a spinning circle in the upper right area of the Roon screen, that is not willing to stop spinning. When I click on the circle the following is shown:
I have attached a screenshotIMG_0559

Latest Roon version is installed, Innuos music server has the latest firmware.
What has changed on the new server is, that I have activated Qobuz now. I’m a Qobuz sublime+ subscriber.
When I deactivate Qobuz, the spinning circle disappears and it reappears, when I login to Qobuz again.

I would appreciate, if Roon could solve this mis behaviour.

Thank you for your help,

I would like to report, that the problem is solved. I don’t know how.
However, many thanks to the responsible person.