Spinning wheel keeps turning


I’ve decided to change my Roon Server from my trusty old 2014 Mac Mini to my base model M1 MacBook Pro. M1 CPU, 8 gb of RAM, 256 GB of storage running on the current macOS Sonoma. My local music is located on an external 2 tb USB Western Digtal hard drive.

The system is much faster compared to the Mini, even with a much larger library. However this library is now giving me some headaches.

On top of the screen there is a spinning icon as if Roon is busy importing music. For some reason it has been hanging at the adding music to the library (see screenshot) for hours now.

Roon mentions my library’s track size being 75818 tracks. But in the popup window it mentions a total of 75597 of which 16 aren’t identified.

How can I figure out where to find out the 16 unidentified ones. And I also wonder where the difference between the 75818 and 75597 come from.

Hi @SandsOfArrakis,

How many albums do you have in your library that are compilations by Various Artists?

Although we have yet to confirm a causal mechanism, fluctuating library count has been a reported side effect of recent improvements to the indexer. It’s most common for users with a large number of Various Artists or compilation albums.

Hi Connor,

Quite a few actually. These are screenshots from my backup drive. The music on my 2 tb external hard drive which is connected to my Roon Server (MacBook Pro) is identical.

The whole collection.

Various Artists folder

And this subfolder is part of the Various Artists folder. The files inside are split to their normal albums and tagged accordingly. These are complete albums. Not part of a compilation package.

The spinning wheel is still turning here. I’ve added the Veronica folder after switching from my Mac Mini to MacBook Pro as the server. The other music files haven’t changed. And I didn’t have a spinning wheel back on my Mac Mini.

After 2 days the import process is still stuck at the same spot.

Hi @SandsOfArrakis,

We’re still investigating logs with development, thank you for your patience. Diagnostics indicate that the import may have finished at last - are you encountering any issues?

Logs show Roon clumping large numbers of files together that are stored together in subdirectories - something like 700 on average, in your case. Usually, Roon’s indexing process clumps together files in the order of magnitude of an album or playlist (10-100). Re-reading your post above, I’d like to confirm whether you have artist-level folders with 500 or more tracks contained within, relying on tagging in Roon for album differentiation. If so, generating a sub-folder for each album might help reduce Roon’s clumping load.

This isn’t likely the cause for the slowdown, however. Something else we see is Roon adding and deleting already scanned content - a separate issue under investigation. If your import process has since completed, we can close this thread, but if you’re still encountering issues let us know.

Hi Connor,

I’m still seeing the spinning wheel here.

I do have 1 big folder with about 1k albums as a top 1000 compilation. Each album is stored in its own separate folder. And all arrived pretty much properly tagged. So like a normal album like for example

I’ve only added album art to each of the tracks, using JRiver Media Center. I haven’t used Roon’s own tagging options.

I do seem to have single folders with 500 tracks or so in one. But on my old Roon Server those didn’t pose a problem.

Roon itself plays perfectly fine otherwise. Both local and through Roon ARC. It’s just that the import doesn’t seem to want to finish.