Spinning Wheel Not Stopping

Ive just set Roon up on dedicated 7i5 NUC (ROCK) with a connected USB 3 HD.
2TB of FLACS were on the HD formatted OSX journaled,this was just a try to make sure everything was connected OK.Eventhough I’ve been advised to format HD as ExFAT, the albums are found and played as they should.I do have another 4TB HD which I’m going to set up EXFAT and transfer all FLACS to this.The only problem I have is after all the albums were uploaded to Roon I still have the spinning disc for uploading the music continues to spin and is not stopping.
Is this anything to do with the storage drive being formatted to OSX or is it something else ?

Could you click (or tap) the spinning wheel and give us a screenshot of the window?

Cheers, Greg

Ive sorted it, simple rebooting start again

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