Split composition

Is there any way to split a composition?
For example:

Roon has merged 3 different compositions:
-one by harback & kern
-one by j.j.johnson
-one by rose/james/arkeen
(and actually there is in my library another one by tristano, but roon does not take my file tags for the composer)

i’ve tried to remove the Guns&Roses album, to re-identify some of the albums, to set the album preferences to “prefer file” (as the albums are tagged and correct)… no way.

it is not a metadata issue, as in allmusic i can see the correct compositions.
any help from the @support is appreciated.

Hi @beka
i’ve received your answer via email, but i dont’ see it here. i copy it here:

You should be able to edit this information if you follow this guide:

Roon Labs Help Center

Editing and Grooming Your Collection

If that still doesn’t work, could you please illustrate with screenshots what you’re experiencing in this exact case?

the KB page you refer to is not a solution. in fact, the first line says:
"Roon supports manual editing of many metadata fields at the track, album, genre, and artist level. "
but here i’m talking about a composition. actually, 3 compositions that under roon appear to be merged.
i could edit that composition, but i really need is to create/edit 3 different compositions.
I cannot show other screenshots, the one in the first post is sufficient: as i said, there is this composition, that is created by roon (not in my file tags, nor in roon metadata, judging by allmusic) merging 3 compositions with the same title (but different composers…)
it’s not an isolated case, and i’m asking whta can i do to edit this.

Hey @Niccolo_Terzi,

The reason you are not seeing the reply anymore, was because it was removed :blush: . For the same reason you mentioned: it is not a solution.

Please, stay tuned for next steps :pray: