Split DSD discs

I am having exactly the same problem with DSD discs – including the Harmonia Mundi Marriage of Figaro cited by the OP. This happens with SACDs that I’ve ripped with a PS3, and DSD albums I’ve purchased from sources like Channel Classics. All these albums are correctly tagged, either with Audirvana or with Tag, a macOS metadata app. They all show up in Audirvana as a single album, but in Roon they’re split.

Hi @Gordon_Brockhouse,

First, I definitely recommend checking out our documentation on importing multi-disc sets here.

Can you share a screenshot of these files in the storage location that Roon is watching?

Hi Dylan: Thanks for your reply. I just read your documentation, and I had definitely followed all the recommendations contained therein (consistent album name, accurate track and disc numbers etc.). Like I said, the albums in question appear in Audirvana as a single album. However, I found an easy workaround in another thread in this forum: highlight the discs in the split album, and then use the Edit/Merge function to combine them. Works like a charm, so all is good!

The only time I’ve had trouble with Roon splitting something it shouldn’t is when I didn’t shut down the server while I was copying albums in. If you think about it, how can it know that the copy is complete at any given point?

I wish you could turn off Roon’s constant scanning of my watched folder and just re-scan when I tell it. A compromise would be to automagically handle it if you add an album by dropping it on the GUI (I never do that), but not continually scan the watched folder looking for changes. Or I suppose I could deal with it doing a scan once a day or at an interval I select.

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