Split Libraries?

I have about 10.000 cds in four main folder groups on my disk. About 700 CDS are properly named and categorizes, and appear in Roon correctly.

Now I added the second folder group, which contains about 9000 CDs, where there is a large number incorrectly classified, named etc etc.

After adding the second folder group my album display is full of “unknown”, “??”, wrong classification etc. The cleaned up album or interpret view is no longer.

Can I set up two libraries, allowing me to enjoy the “clean” view to browse my album, and a second library for my “untidy” view. This would allow me to migrate the CDs from “untidy” library to “clean” library over time.

Thanks for the help

Unfortunately, Roon does not support seperate libraries.

But there is a solution for your problem.

You should create an extra ‘workfolder’ and add it to Roon in Storage settings* (see remark at the end).
In that folder you move a limited number of your 9000 CDS you want Roon check and ‘clean’ for you, let’s say 300 at a time as an example.

Once you make sure that Roon has added the cleaned albums to your library, you make a new final folder again, where you move the cleaned albums to.
Roon will adjust the file path in its database automatically.

As an example, here you see an album that is in my ModernAIFF folder

I have moved that album to my ClassicAIFF folder (another directory on my harddisk).
Without me doing anything else, Roon has picked up the change in the file path, and corrects the database.

No information is lost.

Regarding adding a folder to the Storage settings in Roon, you have to be carefull not to add it twice:
I have my music split up in 5 different folders, under 1 main folder (with nothing else in that except for an empty ‘Lost and found’ folder, presumably added by Roon or Audiolinux).

In Roon I have setup the main folder with my 5 music folders in it.

If I add an extra music folder inthere e.g. an MP4 folder, it will be picked up by Roon automatically.
If I would add this new folder individually in Roon Starage setup, I would get all infromation in that folder twice in Roon, creating a big mess.
(In fact, I should have added the 5 music folders separately in Roon but it’s OK this way as well).

Hope it is more or less clear, and that it helps

You could split them up to two drives, one clean, one not. Disable the “unclean” drive when you want to hear only the “clean”. You can always enable the “unclean” drive anytime you want to listen to those tracks, or leave it always disabled, and as you “clean” the tracks, move them to the “clean” drive. This method offer a lot of flexibility.

Ok, let me see if I understand this correctlly,

if I have two folders, “clean” and “messy”. If I enable both I see all the albums, and if I simply disable the “messy” folder it will only show the “clean” albums.

Let me try that, I will create a “test” folder and place 10 albums into that. And then toggle tge enable /disable on that folder.

Works like a dream!

Added a folder “Test” with two albums. Test activated , they appear, Test deactivated - they no longer appear. Nearly instantaneous with two albums, will try with 20 and 200.

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I have all my Christmas music on a separate drive, which is disabled 12/26 to the day after Thanksgiving every year. Works great!

Anokha and A.R. Rahman’s Bombay Drive are the two test Albums

Hey @Wolf_Germani,

Thanks so much for engaging on the Roon community. It looks like with @anon90297517 and @Neil_Russell’s help you’ve achieved what you were looking for. Thank you both :pray:

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