Split Multi-Disc Set into Individual Albums - Not Working

I merged a box set and now realize I’d rather have it as separate albums as the art work does not follow each individual disc when merged.

I’ve followed the Split Mulit-Disc instructions but ended up with a greyed out Creat Album (0 Discs, 0 Tracks) button on the bottom right.

Exiting out, the merged album remains intact.

Ideas? I’ve tried deleted and reimporting the albums but Roon merges them as soon as they are imported. Thanks -


Did you try a library clean-up after deleting the set from your Roon library?

If not, try adding the set back Ito your library after the clean-up.


Hi Kevin - I’ve tried what you suggested and this feature does not work for me. Once merged, I cannot unmerge anything. I did the clean-up, added it back and it’s merged again. Any other ideas?

Thanks -

Put each disc in a separate sub folder, number each disc(1/5, 2/5, etc. in metadata), and put a copy of the artwork in each subfolder.
Not an optimal solution, but should work