Split screen at tracks section after having selected an album

Most times selecting an album and then looking at the tracks and selecting on to play is quite good since you see the artists albums to the right of the tracks.
Works ok as long as you have up to 5 album from that artist.
If you have 30 or more and you play something from the latest album you won’t easily see the ‘This Album’ hint which gets printed in red letters. Simply because you have to use the mouse wheel until your finger becomes wounded.

Perhaps this view could be split into left and right sections which won’t scroll both?
So that the tracks remain visible while one’s able to scroll the albums?

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Great point. Never thought of that.

You realise when you see a mainly black window content since you passed the last track of the currently playing album. This is more or less the opposite which makes the roon software that attractive. Perhaps the ‘other’ albums could get places at the very bottom (horizontally aligned and to be scrolled horizontal?) So that one never reaches a view where 70% of the windowsarea is emtpy.
If you browse albums roon also stops the horizontal scrolling, means you can never get a representation which contains next to nothing.
Happens when one tries to combine things (# of tracks & # of albums) without being aware about each of the totals.
It also goes wrong the other way round if you have an album with 70 small tracks. But that’s not as visible since the blank area is then 20% if ever, means nothing besides the tracktitles since no more albums.